Source code for rejester.exceptions

'''Exceptions raised in various places in rejester.

.. This software is released under an MIT/X11 open source license.
   Copyright 2012-2014 Diffeo, Inc.

[docs]class RejesterException(Exception): 'base exception for rejester package' pass
[docs]class EnvironmentError(RejesterException): '''indicates that the registry lost a lock or experienced a similar failure that probably indicates a network or remote server failure''' pass
[docs]class LockError(RejesterException): 'attempt to get a lock exceeded acquire time (atime)' pass
[docs]class NoSuchWorkSpecError(RejesterException): """A `TaskMaster` function was called with a nonexistent work spec""" def __init__(self, work_spec_name, *args, **kwargs): super(NoSuchWorkSpecError, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs) #: Name of the nonexistent work spec self.work_spec_name = work_spec_name pass
[docs]class NoSuchWorkUnitError(RejesterException): '''Valid work spec but invalid work unit. This occurs when a :class:`rejester.TaskMaster` function that manipulates existing work units is called with a valid work spec name but an invalid work unit name. ''' def __init__(self, work_unit_name, *args, **kwargs): super(NoSuchWorkUnitError, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs) #: Name of the nonexistent work unit self.work_unit_name = work_unit_name pass
[docs]class ProgrammerError(RejesterException): pass
[docs]class PriorityRangeEmpty(RejesterException): ''' given the priority_min/max, no item is available to be returned ''' pass
[docs]class LostLease(RejesterException): '''worker waited too long between calls to update and another worker got the WorkItem''' pass
[docs]class ItemInUseError(RejesterException): '''tried to add an item to a queue that was already in use''' pass